VFX Event + screening of Ex Machina

With Oscar winning British visual effects artist Andrew Whitehurst

A talk with Oscar winner Andrew Whitehurst from Double Negative discussing his Oscar-winning computer VFX work. Followed by a screening of the Oscar-winning film, Ex Machina.

Join us for a talk with Oscar winner Andrew Whitehurst from Double Negative. Andrew is the VFX Supervisor at Double Negative and has worked as an artist and supervisor on films such as SPECTRE, Ex Machina, Paddington, Skyfall, and Scott Pilgrim vs the World. He is currently working with Alex Garland again on Annihilation.

Andrew’s talk will be followed by a screening of Alex Garland’s wonderful debut film ‘Ex Machina’ afterwards (for which Andrew and his colleagues at Double Negative won the Best Visual Effects Oscar for).

Andrew will be discussing the challenges of turning an actress into an android and copying actress Alicia Vikander’s subtle movements to create her character’s robotic elements. Andrew will also discuss the unique challenges of how Ex Machina was shot without ever using a green screen.