Automation and Me - Hackathon Open Call - Leeds International Festival

Automation and Me – Hackathon Open Call

As part of L19, Northern Sound Collective are hosting symposiums, workshops and hackathons with the theme “Automation and Me: Living An Algorithmic Life”.

The event opens on Tuesday 7th May with an evening symposium of talks and performances, followed by a two-day hackathon on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th May.Automation and Me will bring together an international group of twenty academics, artists and technologists working with theoretical concepts around and developing cutting-edge technology in sound, visual arts and dance.  The group of hackers will be part-curated by Northern Sound Collective and part-recruited from this open call.


The aim of the hackathon is to bring leading practitioners together to collaboratively develop exciting new works in an intensive period of making to explore themes of bodies, technologies and automation.


Through these events we will be examining and reimagining the relationship between automation and us. We live in a world where data-driven algorithmic systems are increasingly automating decision making processes. At the same time, we have less and less agency over our devices and they are becoming increasingly closed. We are interested in drawing attention to the body and its relations with automation by examining themes such as authorship, accountability, agency, bias and openness. Ultimately, we want to explore how we can ask better questions about these technologies and their impact on our everyday lives.


We welcome people at all experience levels of hacking and making, from complete beginners to experienced hackers – don’t worry if you can’t code, we’re looking to bring people together with a range of skills for some exciting outcomes – if you’ve got any questions or access requirements please get in touch with at


Participants are required to:

– Deliver a talk or performance at the symposium.

– Take part in the hackathon over two days.

– Share outcomes.


We are offering a fee of £625 to all participants in return. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer expenses on top of this fee.


If you’d like to take part in the Automation and Me hackathon, please apply here by 12 midnight Friday 12th April 2019.


For more information visit here.


Note: this opportunity is open to women (including trans women) and non-binary people only.