Bettakultcha - Leeds International Festival

Festival 19


Tuesday 01 May
17:00 - 19:00

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Bettakultcha Innovation or Enslavement?

According to some pundits, technology is going to save the world. According to others, machine-learning algorithms are going to take all the jobs and create a world where humans are literally and metaphorically, redundant.


Is society being designed for humans or machines?
That’s the question that’s going to be explored in this one-off special Bettakultcha event as part of the Leeds International Festival.

What is Bettakultcha? Well, if you’ve got access to the latest technology that’s revolutionised the world (the internet) you can look it up. If you haven’t, you’re quickly going to become an outcast in society and be denied access to nearly all the rituals and practices of the community (see how important this is?).

Bettakultcha is an event where passionate people give five-minute illustrated talks. It sounds straightforward enough but then so does skydiving: the description doesn’t do justice to the experience of it.

Most of the speakers for this event will be specially selected according to their proven expertise in giving entertaining talks that are thought-provoking and fascinating.

There is, however, the opportunity for two speakers to make themselves known to the organisers. We’re looking for volunteers to submit their ideas to us for consideration – if it’s compelling enough, we’ll give someone the chance to be on the same stage as our invited speakers. Details of how to submit a summary of your talk can be found here.
Imagine if you’re chosen – what a tale to tell your children, robot slaves or captors!


Tuesday 1 May

17:00 - 19:00