For Oluwale II - Experience the exhibition with added insight through creative spoken description and sign language - Leeds International Festival
#LEEDSINTFEST 2 - 12 MAY, 2019

Tuesday 7 May
14:00 - 16:00

For Oluwale II – Experience the exhibition with added insight through creative spoken description and sign language

Different tellings, different perspectives: get to grips with this unique David Oluwale exhibition through this additional spoken and signed description event.

For Oluwale II: experience the exhibition through creative spoken and sign language description

For Oluwale II is Rasheed Araeen’s response to the death of David Oluwale, which took place in Leeds fifty years ago. The Tetley’s exhibition brings the work to Leeds for the first time. It is shown alongside literature, newspaper cuttings and other materials relating to Oluwale.

This accompanying event aims to take a creative and experimental approach to accessibility, opening the exhibition up in new ways, using spoken word and British Sign Language. Several writers will each deliver a description of their chosen item in the exhibition. Their different styles and perspectives will depict both the detail and overall impact of Araeen’s work and the other exhibits, in remembrance of David Oluwale.


David Oluwale was a British-Nigerian who drowned in the River Aire in April 1969, after being systematically harassed by members of the Leeds City Police force. Araeen was shocked and deeply moved after reading about Oluwale’s death in 1971, and decided to make a work dedicated to his story. This marked a shift in Araeen’s practice to political artwork. Before this, he had been making predominantly abstract artworks.

The Tetley exhibition is organised in partnership with the charity Remember Oluwale, which educates the city of Leeds in coming to terms with its past, improving its care for those who remain marginalised, and promoting equality, diversity and racial harmony.

Blind and partially-sighted people, and Deaf people who use sign language, are particularly welcome at this event, which is free and open to all – disabled and non-disabled people.

You must book in advance, as places at the event are very limited.

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Tuesday 7 May 14:00 - 16:00
Free (booking required)
The Tetley

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The Tetley has a step-free entrance from the car park (spaces available for disabled people), accessible toilets and a lift to all floors.