Inner Vision Orchestra - Leeds International Festival

Festival 19


01 May
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Inner Vision Orchestra the UK's only ensemble of blind and visually impaired musicians

The Inner Vision Orchestra is the UK’s only ensemble of blind and visually impaired musicians. Founded in 2012 by Indian Music Maestro Baluji Shrivastav OBE, its aim is to promote blind and visually impaired artists and to address their absence in the British music scene. Driven by the intensity of an inner vision, they aim to celebrate the power of music to transform lives.

This unique orchestra has been commissioned with an original piece, which will be performed for the first time at the Leeds International Festival. The production has been influenced by a wide range of styles and cultures, including songs from Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Nigeria, soulful melodies from Gospel and Blues traditions, sublime Indian Ragas, and Western classical compositions.

Inner Vision Orchestra is made up by 14 members, and is ever-growing and evolving. Musicians from many different international backgrounds, including India, Iran, Japan, Nigera and Lebanon offer up distinct talents and a cross-cultural sound.



The orchestra’s members have been brought together by Baluji Shrivastav OBE – one of India’s most celebrated instrumentalists. Playing sitar, surbahar, dilruba, pakhavaj and tabla, his musical foundations are firmly in the Hindustani classical tradition.

The Inner Vision Orchestra’s hour-long concert will largely be performed in absolute darkness, gifting the audience with an unforgettable experience and intensifying and prioritising the sense of sound. Only a digital projection will shine a light in the auditorium, creating a backdrop that will combine the evocative sounds with immersive visuals. The concert will be performed twice during the day, and the first session will include a workshop with the artists.

Tuesday 1 May


Tuesday 1 May