JUICEBOX - Leeds International Festival

11 May
Various times

JUICEBOX with Tommy Cash and Yves Tumor

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Ben Bentley

JUICEBOX returns to L19 for one night of cult-queer art-club hedonism with Tommy Cash and Yves Tumor.

Yesterday was us and them. Tonight we dance as one; let the boundaries fall and dance reign supreme.

Over the years, Live Art Bistro have gained notoriety for their take on late night soirees – capturing the attention of some of the world’s most radical and boundary-breaking performers in the process. JUICEBOX @ L19 proves no exception, presenting some of the most urgent and transgressive humans working in music today. Yves Tumor, the LA-based enigmatic gothic soundscape auteur, Tommy Cash, conceptual artist and post-Soviet raver, Grime music’s queer pioneer Karnage Kills & Leeds’ own NikNak will be headlining. Housed in the Festival Village, this closing party is set to raise the bar. JUICEBOX will be opening the stable doors to one and all; let your freak off the leash. This will be joyous, subversive, triumphant and sublimely anarchic –this is one party you do not want to miss!

Burrow beneath the skin of Yves Tumor, and personas spill out like the warped contents of a grotesquely beautiful matryoshka doll. A kaleidoscopic union of songwriting and lobotomised sound experiment, Yves onstage is an assault of howling cyberpunk.

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash mixes his music with conceptual art, playing with and distorting boundaries and distinctions – the expectations around rap, Western versus Eastern European, gender…the list goes on. As well as his unique sound and conceptual videos, he is a distinctive freestyle dancer with his own subversive clothing line.

Karnage Kills is a Grime hero uniquely switching it up between spitting classic bars and hypersexual homosexuality, addressing prejudice against who he is from within the Grime world and beyond.  “Gay, femme, and fearless”, Karnage Kills is a Grime star on the up, whose live performances are raw and electric.

In a festival that champions innovation, JUICEBOX reminds us that in the not too distant future, when all the cows have smaller udders, and the sheep have less wool, and the robots keep the humans as sex toys – they will speak of 2019 as the time when the binary folded into superposition. Yesterday was us and them. Tonight we dance as one, revelling in this collective mess of a dream.




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General Admission

Saturday 11 May 19:00 - 23:00
L19 Cube @ The Village


Saturday 11 May 19:00 - 23:00
L19 Cube @ The Village

JUICEBOX Afterparty

Saturday 11 May 2300 - LATE
Free entry with JUICEBOX tickets or £5 on the door.
Live Art Bistro

Additional Information:

This event is strictly 18+

JUICEBOX Official Afterparty – free entry with JUICEBOX tickets or £5 on the door. Limited capacity.

Live Art Bistro promise another legendary late night of ‘you do you’ debauchery.
Follow the trail down to Live Art Bistro’s venue on Regent St led by the party monsters to get tangled in some trouble of your own making.

With post show DJ set from Yves Tumor plus a slew of thirsty performance interventions this is one party not to be missed.


Born in 1991, the last year of the Soviet Union, Tommy’s upbringing blended Baltic ghetto with lingering Russian heritage. He turned to art for self-expression, experimenting with dancing hip-hop, creating street art, and finally, making music. A pioneer of post-Soviet sound, Tommy is a unique conceptual artist, smashing preconceptions and transcending boundaries of sexuality, genre and history.

Sean Bowie, best known by the recording alias Yves Tumor, is an American producer of experimental electronic music, born in Miami, Florida and currently based in Turin, Italy.

Karnage Kills is a grime artist from north London. His uncompromising sexuality, lyrical talent, and exciting performances have meant Karnage has garnered a big reputation in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond!