Music:Leeds Launchpad Commission - Leeds International Festival

Friday 10 May

Music:Leeds Launchpad Commission

Launchpad is happy to announce the commissioned artist: Melanie Ó Dubhshláine, with her piece, entitled Urban Animals.
A journey through the city at night, and into dawn, Urban Animals hopes to capture the excitement, mystery and danger of this witching hour, seen through the eyes and ears of the creatures that inhabit it.
Melanie Ó Dubhshláine presents a suite of short musical works, themed around the different wild animals found in the Leeds urban area. Digitally manipulated animal calls collide with the noises of the man-made cityscape to create distinct pieces, in a contemporary homage to Saint-Saëns’ The Carnival of the Animals.
Animals are increasingly drawn to the food and warmth cities provide, and are changing both their behaviour and their voices to adapt to urban life. Ó Dubhshláine’s piece uses field recordings gathered in and around Leeds alongside electronic instruments, and works alongside local live performers and vocalists, against an accompanying backdrop of striking visuals. Urban Animals will provide an alternative vision of the city’s nocturnal landscape.
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Friday 10 May 19:00
Brudenell Social Club, Community Room

In a fifteen-year musical career, Melanie Ó Dubhshláine has performed and composed music based in the noise, electronic, experimental and psychedelic rock genres.
Her solo work takes the form of two projects. Ocelocelot is concerned with using vibrations and waveforms from found sound to create undulating soundscapes, whilst Melanie Ó Dubhshláine focuses more on electronic composition.
Her background in visual arts leads her to introduce visual elements into her performances. An overriding theme of her work is using unusual instrumentation to extend human expressive capabilities and give voice to previously unheard sounds.
As a member of Ashtray Navigations with Phil Todd, she has performed at All Tomorrow’s Parties, Supernormal Festival, Tusk Festival and Swn Festival in Cardiff, as well as shows in the UK, Europe and the USA. Ashtray Navigations have curated multimedia events at Leeds International Film Festival and Glasgow International Arts Festival.
She has collaborated with other artists including Neil Campbell, Damo Suzuki, Bridget Hayden, Uton, John Moloney (Sunburned Hand of the Man) and MV & EE.