Chinwag with George Evelyn (Nightmares on Wax) - Leeds International Festival

Festival 19


Sunday 29 April
19.00 -21:30

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George Evelyn — Nightmares on Wax One Foot in the Rave x Chinwag

One Foot in the Rave’s Chinwags showcase key figures of the era discussing how this music and these clubs collectively changed lives and provided a haven away from the boring humdrum of daily life. They transcended class, gender, sexuality and race – and the lasting effect and influence of this is still felt today.


George Evelyn, better known as Nightmares on Wax, creates a brand of music – an electronica, hip hop, acid house amalgam – that, for many, snapshots a time and a place. His sun-drenched, dubbed-out soul collides with fragments of hazy memories on halcyon days.

Evelyn created some of the 90s’ defining moments. First there was his involvement in writing two of the U.K.’s early rave classics – Dexterous and Aftermath – then he went alone in ’95, bringing us Smoker’s Delight, the downbeat, archetypal 90s stoner album. Smokers Delight is considered one of the main catalysts in the explosion of the chill out / down tempo genre today.

George’s success is enduring. “Today’s music is inspired by what’s gone on before and that is what fascinates me. Following on in that tradition I am inspired by the old and want to evolve it into something new. I see it as a never ending cycle and that is where I want to be.

Sunday 29 April

19.00 -21:30