One Foot in the Rave Chinwag with Graeme Park - Leeds International Festival

Festival 19


Thursday 03 May
19:00 - 21:30

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Graeme Park — The Haçienda One Foot in the Rave x Chinwag

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The Haçienda — Factory Records

This time, the One Foot in the Rave Chinwag series sees superstar DJ Graeme Park, whose history really mirrors the story of the evolution of dance music and club culture itself.

Graeme found himself working in a Nottingham record shop called Selectadisc in the early 1980s, when the very first house records began to filter through from Chicago, Detroit and New York. When the shop’s owner opened a nightclub, it was only natural he should turn to Graeme to select the discs. Determined to showcase this new style of music, his reputation as a house pioneer soon brought him to the attention of Mike Pickering at the Haçienda in Manchester, who asked him to cover while he went on holiday in 1988. Simply put, there was no-one else in the country who could do the job.

The Summer of Love followed, and Parky quickly became one of the biggest names on the emerging dance scene. He enjoyed a nine year residency at The Haç.

"The reason I keep doing it is simple: it’s my mission in life to let people hear good music."

The Haçienda was a club without a purpose until house music filled its cathedral-sized dimensions. It undeniably defined Graeme as a DJ, but after more than three decades, it can only be seen as one chapter in his on-going tale.

For a man who came to house DJing ‘purely by accident,’ Parky is still regularly gigging around the UK, more than three decades on, and celebrating over twenty years as a radio DJ too, with shows on Kiss, Galaxy, Juice FM and more…

He was there before it all started, he was at the forefront of the dance scene when it was at its zenith, and he’s still there, still rocking it, years later – longer than some of the people on the dancefloor have been on the planet! And the best thing is, he still loves it; still loves the music, and still loves to play it for people to dance to.


Thursday 3 May

19:00 - 21:30