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Saturday 28 April
One Foot in The Rave Exhibition Space

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One Foot in the Rave Exhibition - A celebration of Leeds’ Clubs 1985 – 1996

One Foot in the Rave is the concept of, and curator by Tony Hannan, the man who gave Leeds Soak, Kaos and Up Yer Ronson; who introduce Acid House to Ibiza and who MTV came to for dance music advice. Still promoting great dance nights; lecturing and advising ITV on music programmes, Hannan has brought these clubs together under one roof for the first time plus brings his personal collection of images from this pivotal time in Leeds, unveiled for the first time in this unique exhibition.


We explore their influence through both historic images and videos of back in the day.

This was more than just dance; it was a movement, a perfect storm which would change a generation forever. The One Foot in the Rave exhibition and Chinwag sessions demonstrate how the scene, in all its diversity, changed the cultural landscape. We’re not just looking back; this is a reflection on how one city generated so many globally significant clubs and so many figures who are still making an impact today – regionally, nationally, and internationally.

It was not just about music either; these legendary clubs influenced fashion, graphics and art, providing a creative outlet for emerging talent and an opportunity for free expression. A bringing together of like-minded people regardless of their background.

The Leeds scene attracted clubbers from around the UK, helping to change the North in the eyes of the South. It’s Grim Up North, Hit the North and Avin’ It are now inspiring a new generation.

One Foot in the Rave is a celebration of those who launched and ran the clubs; the visionaries, the DJs who created the soundtracks to our lives and the people who came, danced and made friends – and would never be the same again.

Saturday 28 April

One Foot in The Rave Exhibition Space

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Additional Information:

Getting there: (Nearest carpark is Tetley Brewery Wharf Car Park, circa 8 min walk from Leeds Train Station)

Ticket allocation: 200.