Story #1 by Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead - Leeds International Festival
#LEEDSINTFEST 2 - 12 MAY, 2019

6 May
2000 - 2200

Story #1 by Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead

A grim, shocking, honest story about why we make stories.

Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead take Pixar’s 22 Rules for Storytelling and How Stories Make Us Human, make them f*ck each other, kidnap the resulting baby and dance out a prophecy of its future life before its barely opened eyes.

Story #1 is a reflective consideration of how and why we construct narrative, from a completely new and unutterably eye-opening perspective.

Their proviso?

We promise no less than 110 minutes.

We promise real fictional characters.

We promise a plot.

We promise a surprise twist.

We promise a rupture.

We promise an ending.

We promise a rupture.

“Imagine a bullfight without the bull: it would be a set of aesthetic manoeuvres, pretty twirls and pirouettes and so on – but there’d be no danger. The bull, crucially, brings danger to the party… that’s what the real is: the tip of the bull’s horn.”


This event is an Ovalhouse seed commission.

Tom McCarthy

“It’s horrible. Brilliant, scintillating, guillotine catching the sunlight as it falls dazzling, but also horrible.”

Maddy Costa, Exeunt

“Story #1 is like a live grenade thrown at television: a thrilling exploration of truth, fiction and the strange space between.”

Jonathan Wakeham, Screenwriter

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Standard Tickets

Monday 6 May 2000 - 2200
L19 Cube @ The Village

Concession Tickets

Monday 6 May 2000 - 2200
L19 Cube @ The Village

Additional Information:

This performance contains explicit sexual content and images and is therefore recommended for ages 18+.