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Generation Future: Supporting Sustainability with our January Challenge

Generation Future: Supporting Sustainability with our January Challenge

December 31, 2019
By Leeds International Festival

Many of the events submitted under the 2020 theme Generation Future have rightly considered sustainability – from social sustainability in creating living environments better fit to future communities to environmental sustainability, deeply considering our actions and their outcome on the world we live in.

We’re all about getting on board with our theme too – and trying to think more deeply about our impact. So we have launched a January Sustainability Challenge!

One month: January’s Sustainability Challenge

Every day through January we’ll be undertaking a sustainability challenge, and encouraging our social followers to follow suit! As well as consciously focussing on environmental sustainability, we’ll be thinking about personal sustainability in terms of allowing space for our mental health through the month. 

We’re working on minimising the ecological impact of the festival as a whole this year too, like committing to using recycled materials for all marketing. We’ve got some other commitments in process, which we’ll announce soon.

During January, the team will be undertaking everyday challenges of a smaller and larger variety. 

Challenges Small and Large

Festival Assistant Polly Cuthbert will commit to going vegan for the month, documenting any trials, tribulations and unexpected easiness en route. Chapter 81’s Head of Content Phoebe Ryan, meanwhile, will be trying to go plastic free for the whole month. From the veg shop to toiletries and household cleaning, it’ll be a real challenge to try to cut out all plastics.

But not every day suggests something with such a big commitment. Lots of days we are encouraging those smaller acts that we can all commit to on a monthly basis. For example, LeedsBID’s Kieran will be donating to a foodbank, the team will be committing to a vegan meal and a car-free day, and the Chapter 81 team will be doing a day of volunteering.

All of these challenges, whether large or small, are taken to illustrate the incremental positive changes we can bring about in our lives – that each and every one of us can try out to try to have a small positive impact on our future and the future of the ones after us.

Follow our progress, and maybe join in – whether with one challenge or all of them! Keep up with us at #WeAreGenerationFuture on @LeedsIntFest !

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