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Leeds International Festival 18 first phase of events announced.

Over the last few years, Leeds has shown no lack in innovation. Whether it be the exciting independent food and drink boom, the use of design and technology to transform space and place with lights and art, or the investment in structures in both retail and entertainment intended on creating unforgettable experiences, Leeds has been a city showcasing the very best talent across all stages.


Continuing this theme, the Leeds International Festival is back for its second year on the bounce, championing new ideas and innovation not just locally or nationally but globally as well. Leaving no corners uncovered, the festival will bring new music, thought-provoking talks with game changers, insights into the future of our world, exclusive film premiers and much, much more into no more than a 10 mile radius over the course of 14 days.

Walk through the past and present of human sexuality and technology with Dr Kate Devlin, and look into what the future holds for artificial intelligence, robotics, sex and love, whilst examining the ethical and social implications that accompany them.

Soak up the stories of Helen Sharman, the young chemist who became the first British astronaut to go into space, following a radio broadcast in 1989 which spoke the words “Astronaut wanted. No experience necessary”, and she shares the vivid dreams that she still has 25 years on of her looking down at the deep colours of the earth beneath her.

Wade through the city’s best music venues as you follow the sounds of music with this years Live At Leeds festival. Seek out your favourite bands, or commit to finding new tunes with an extensive line up of bands, with names such as Circa Wave, Peace, Ash and Pulled Apart By Horses all playing on the 5th May in the heart of the city.

From historic venues such as Hyde Park Picture House to the more recently formed First Direct Arena,  and hosted by businesses across the whole city, Leeds International Festival is set to knit the Leeds community even closer together, whilst broadening thought, creating new experiences and produce compelling stories that’ll be told in years to come for everyone involved.

Full events list here.

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