News - Leeds International Festival

L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Gill Crawshaw of For Oluwale II

Our next guest blog Q&A focuses on an event which highlighted a massively significant and poignant character in the history of Leeds...


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Chris Hudson of What Does it Mean to be Human?

For Leeds International Festival 2018, an important theme was who we are, who we were, and who we could become. This was...


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Jess and Harry of Leeds Needs Help

In this series of blogs we’re catching up with some of the amazing talent behind many of our favourite Leeds International Festival...


Leeds International Festival 2020 News: Dates, Open Call, and our new Theme!

Calling all creators and innovators! Our doors are open for event submissions for L20.


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Jane Muller of Khula Arts and Music & Love Band

We thought we would catch up with some of the people behind those great Leeds International Festival 2019 (L19) events, to see...


Leeds International Festival 19 in pics

Taking you through Leeds International Festival 19 with pictures.


L19 through the eyes of the Festival Executive, Gemma Holsgrove

This year’s Leeds International Festival was the first one in which Gemma Holsgrove was brought onboard. As the Festival Executive, she’s been...


What’s Eating Reality?

On the 7th of May we are gathering people in the city to learn more about food justice and the politics around...


Launchpad’s Leeds International Festival Artist announced

Music:Leeds’ Launchpad project is happy to announce Melanie Ó Dubhshláine’s Urban Animals as their 2019 Leeds International Festival artist commission