Building communities

Building communities


Since the very beginning, it’s been our aim at Bruntwood to create communities where our customers and colleagues can thrive. Being part of a community gives us opportunities to learn, gain and give support, and allows us to share experiences. This sense of community threads throughout all of our buildings and campuses where we look to not just provide customers with workspace, but also to welcome them to a community where they can form relationships with others. 

We create spaces where people can come together and surround themselves with like-minded people to network, collaborate and innovate. We believe that together, these vital connections can help to make our communities greater. 

Developing communities in our regions

Improving communities is also embedded deeply into our purpose of Creating Thriving Cities and the values that we live by as a business. 

We pursue local partnerships which focus on harnessing talent and creating equal working opportunities for people from all different backgrounds. Doing this internally is just part of the picture — we also help our customers to create diverse workforces and benefit the community by growing in a socially-responsible way.

We also collaborate with artists, creators and organisations across all of our regions to help showcase the local culture within our spaces. This in turn supports them to add to the richness of our cities and communities. From art exhibitions to events within our buildings, as well as externally with our partner organisations, these collaborations bring about opportunities for networking, creative innovation and new cultural experiences for our customers.

Building communities

A huge part of the Bruntwood offering is blending work and lifestyle. We want the workspace to be somewhere that people enjoy coming and where customers can perform at their best, both personally and professionally. That’s why we’re continuously striving to improve the amenities that we offer, whether it’s fitness facilities to make physical activity easier to work into your daily routine, or local coffee shops to grab a tasty bite to eat or have an informal catch up. 

Boosting wellbeing through community 

Our communities are where we get our social interaction, something which is vitally important to our wellbeing. Social isolation, feeling disconnected from your communities, can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. By becoming more involved in a community, we can become more connected and improve our wellbeing. Even the smallest of interactions can make a big difference.

Building communities