Can we ever be who we want to be?

Can we ever be who we want to be?

Chapter 81

Ahead of the panel discussion 'Can we ever be who we want to be?' we asked Johnny I'Anson to sit down with Stephanie Hirst and discuss her story. This moving interview is a prelude to the event happening for #LIFI21. Take a watch and find out more about her story, from growing up in Barnsley, to the teenage years, to those infamous radio days, to now being an influential speaker and many more great things.

LIFICAST - Full Interview with Stephanie Hirst

Can we ever be who we want to be? 

In a world built by and for white men, can everyone thrive equally? What do seatbelts, life jackets and antibiotics have in common? They were originally designed for white men. Whether through oversight or intention, many everyday solutions and institutions were built around the needs of cis white men. What changes need to happen so that the needs of everyone are better considered? Hosted by Amrou Al-Kadhi, join us as we learn from activists, writers and experts Stephanie Hirst, Hashi Mohamed and Gina Martin, to discuss the conditionality of the everyday structures we take for granted, and the extraordinary people struggling for equality.

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