LIFI LOOK BACK – Does the Future Have Enough Food?

LIFI LOOK BACK – Does the Future Have Enough Food?

Chapter 81
Ice cream you can have before bed that makes you happy? This is the future – you heard it here.
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Advancing technology is rapidly changing the future of how we eat, with new innovations paving the way for food that’s more sustainable, more nutritious or simply more fun to consume. With the next generation of mealtimes up for discussion, we invited panellists, Dr Morgaine Gaye, Mike Lee, Liz Cottam and Ben Davy to consider ‘Does the future have enough food?’, with food critic, Grace Dent, playing host.

Our guests explored new nutritional concepts, whether tradition is important, and how we can move towards a more inclusive food landscape. Overall, it was an optimistic discussion, taking an honest yet informed look at the future, and what people are doing to make it more palatable. Pun intended.

From air protein and lab meat to vertical farming and mood foods, it was fascinating to hear experts paint a picture of how attitudes and habits might be set to change in the wake of scientific breakthroughs and new ways of making food.

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Another key point was around the role of supermarkets – both how they form such a critical part of our societal fabric, and how our attitudes towards them need to change if we are to move towards more sustainable eating practices. 

As with most of the topics up for discussion during LIFI, equal opportunities and class differences were also key themes, and the need to acknowledge that not everyone has the option of changing their shopping habits or choosing to only eat locally sourced produce was front and centre. With plenty of diverse perspectives and experiences leading to a healthy debate covering multiple aspects of a topic that will inevitably affect us all, this was a positive, insightful journey into the future and beyond.