LIFI LOOK BACK – Green or Growth?

LIFI LOOK BACK – Green or Growth?

Chapter 81
We’ve shown that mindsets can be changed globally, rapidly and dramatically.
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No ideas-focused event in 2021 would be worth its salt without considering the topic of climate change and sustainability in the modern age. The final event of LIFI 2021 saw TV presenter Michaela Strachan lead guests Henri Murison, Professor Paul Chatterton, Noga Levy-Rapoport and Anne-Charlotte Mornington in an exploration of whether sustainability and economic expansion ever can truly coexist.

What followed was a debate about the future of our society and planet, considering the perpetuation of wealth in our expanding economy, and how we can fit sustainability into that system. A crucial insight was that we can’t look at these issues in isolation – a successful approach must be holistic and inclusive, showing up for all facets of society rather than just those at an economic advantage.

The event took place before COP26, and with tension building around what would emerge from the landmark conference, conversation was passionate and empowering – exploring both the seriousness of our current situation and the reasons to be positive about the future. There were practical considerations of what we can do to implement greener habits into our daily lives, as well as a frank discussion around the imperative to compromise if we are to extend the life of our planet.

With the Covid-19 pandemic far from over, it was interesting to see parallels drawn between the two crises – and the comparison used to create hope for the future. In the knowledge that perspectives and behaviour can shift quickly and drastically, perhaps we can believe in a future where economic success can complement our planet’s ecology. Perhaps.