LIFI LOOK BACK – Is the UK Media Broken?

LIFI LOOK BACK – Is the UK Media Broken?

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Believe a little bit of everybody, and don’t believe the entirety of anybody. Read around, get different perspectives, you’ll be fine.
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One of the core questions tackled by Leeds International Festival of Ideas in 2021 was around the state of the UK media. Economics expert and BBC presenter, Evan Davis, hosted a perspective-packed panel as they discussed the question ‘is the UK media broken?’ on stage at Leeds Town Hall.

Joining Evan was Amol Rajan, Robyn Vinter, Alastair Campbell, Matthew Parris and Peg Alexander – a line-up representing a wide range of backgrounds, skill sets and areas of expertise. They talked about ways to define the media, its influences and the subjects that still remain taboo or controversial.

LIFI LOOK BACK - Is the UK Media broken?

One particular focus was the issue of class, and how the lack of representation of people from work class backgrounds in national media can negatively impact the content it produces and broadcasts. With the emergence and growing popularity of newer channels like social media and formats like podcasts, the way we consume news is constantly changing, which made for a discussion full of healthy debate and new ideas.

As with so many of the questions posed by LIFI 2021, the answer to the one discussed wasn’t as simple as yes or no. Our guests’ conversation covered many nuanced, complicated issues, many of which could have been debated in myriad ways – covering different views, voices and contrasting mediums across the spectrum of the UK media landscape.

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