LIFI22 – Social Media – What we learned

LIFI22 – Social Media – What we learned

Key takeaways:

1. The are incredible benefits to Social Media, but some huge problems too: The hardening of positions, the impact on our discourse, and the abuse of journalists among them.

2. We’re a long way away from saying if
Social Media is good or bad. We don’t have enough data yet to judge its impact on the world at large.

3. When you look at authoritarian regimes and how they’ve dealt with dissidents – that’s how Social Media platforms are dealing with people who question their motives.

4. There’s no such thing as a neutral social media platform. Decisions are made, editorial decisions. It’s not just the behaviour of individuals.

5. Most of us have seen the benefits, like access to information, and professional connections. But we’ve also seen just how much it’s contributed to stoking division in society.

6. Social Media platforms are creating communities. But they’re creating communities based on identity in a way that amounts to modern-day segregation.