When will women’s health be taken seriously?

Despite making up over half of the population, women are still both underrepresented and undertreated when it comes to their health. But what’s at the root of these inequalities?

All over the world, poorer healthcare is received by those experiencing menopause, endometriosis, conditions related to infertility and gynaecological problems – to name just a few. Not only that, but there’s also a collective feeling of not being listened to, taken seriously or adequately supported. This leads to delayed treatment, misdiagnosis and ultimately affects working lives and societal status.

Those championing the conversations to raise the profile of women’s health are helping influence change, so how much longer until these topics are no longer taboo?

This panel explores the reasons for and effects of these health inequalities and what else needs to be done to shift the balance.

LIFI acknowledges that not all people who experience these issues are women, and not all women experience these issues.

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