Falling Light - Leeds International Festival

Falling Light

Falling Light, an immersive light and sound installation created by design studio Flat-e and electronic musician Daniel Avery mesmerised visitors who were enthralled nightly at the iconic Leeds Corn Exchange. The focus of the work was a translucent horizontal screen floating skywards, inviting viewers to gaze upwards and contemplate the idea of light emerging from darkness.

The installation created for L19 was a unique spectacle that placed the audience within the performance. Descending the stairs to the lower ground floor of the Corn Exchange, spectators emerged into the space below to be bathed in light and sound.

Falling Light was said to feel like stepping inside the music and touching the light, and saw many visitors lay on the floor to absorb themselves into the transformative experience. Every night at dusk, the architecture of the building came alive as an illuminated space for people to experience original music.

Pioneering producer of electronic music and internationally renowned DJ, Daniel Avery, presented his original music in person to open the installation, which continued for free throughout the Festival.

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