Inner Vision Orchestra - Leeds International Festival

Inner Vision Orchestra

The equality agenda of Leeds International Festival was enhanced further in 2018 with two performances by the phenomenal Inner Vision Orchestra, the UK’s only ensemble of blind and visually impaired musicians.

Founded in 2012 by Indian musician, Baluji Shrivastav OBE (who also gave a workshop in the afternoon), the orchestra promotes blind and visually impaired artists, and hopes to provide a platform for talented but often overlooked musicians in Britain.

This unique orchestra was commissioned by L18 to create an original piece of music performed for the first time at the Leeds International Festival 2018. The production was said to have been influenced by a wide range of styles and cultures, from “Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Nigeria to soulful melodies from Gospel and Blues traditions and sublime Indian Ragas, and Western classical compositions.”

The Inner Vision Orchestra’s hour-long concert was largely performed in absolute darkness, giving the audience an unforgettable experience, combining evocative sounds with immersive light and movement effects.

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