The Changing Face of the UK Film & TV Industry - Leeds International Festival

The Changing Face of the UK Film & TV Industry

A panel of industry experts descended on The Village for a lively debate on the changing landscape of the UK film and TV industry.


The star-studded panel included Nicci Topping (who has been a professional casting director for almost 20 years across film, TV, commercials and music promos); Actor John Thomson (from the Fast Show and Cold Feet) and Film Director Adam Morse (who lost his sight 10 years ago and recently premiered his new film Lucid featuring Billy Zane and Sadie Frost).

Hot topics up for discussion were: can traditional cinema continue to thrive against the continued growth of digital SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) services like Netflix, Apple, and Amazon Prime?

The debate continued with the questions, ‘Does independent film have a future in our cinemas?’ ‘Can it compete against the proliferation of superhero movies?’ ‘What does diversity really mean and how does it affect the film and TV programmes you will watch in the future?’

The careers of the panel, made up of leading casting directors, actors, producers and directors, were examined to get a genuine behind-the-scenes snapshot of the truth behind TV and the secrets behind the screens.

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