Sport 2.0 - Leeds International Festival
Banana Kick

Sport 2.0

Here at Banana Kick, we consider ourselves sports specialists. We’ve got a real passion for sports marketing and events, which is why we’re excited to help deliver Sport 2.0 Every Second Counts. We’re bringing the importance of technology in sports to the forefront of people’s minds.

As a company who are very aware of the changes in the growing importance of digital and technology, we think more people need to understand the impact it has on all things sport – including materials, innovations in sports media coverage and enhancing top athletic performance. Nowadays, this sort of technology cannot be ignored – it is what can make the difference between winning and losing for athletes across the world.

We are thrilled to announce our line-up of inspiring sporting speakers, who will be giving their views and opinions on tech in sport, including:

  • Amy Williams MBE– British Gold Medal winner at the 2010 winter Olympics
  • Pete Andrews– Head of Sport at Channel 4
  • David Elleray– IFAB’s Technical Director and former Premier League referee
  • Barry McNeil– CEO of Catapult Sports, EMEA & APAC
  • Sam Boatwright– Endurance Athlete
  • Tom Williams-COO of Park Run
  • Dame Sarah Storey– British Record Paralympian

Former Olympian and Physical Activity expert, Professor Greg Whyte OBE, will be our host.

Our Business Development Manager, Duncan Liddle, is extremely passionate about this opportunity:

“Having joined Banana Kick only three months ago, it gives me great delight that one of my first projects is working with Leeds BID to deliver Sport 2.0 on the 10th May as part of Leeds International Festival 2019. “

Duncan is particularly keen to hear David Elleray’s views on technology and sport:

“Being a huge football fan I have vivid memories of watching gigantic premier league battles both live and on MOTD.  The common theme was that towards the late 90s the job of officiating these 22 players would often fall to David Elleray.  It will be great to meet him and gain an insight into what was said on the pitch between the likes of Keane and Viera, Beckham and Zola – but, more importantly, it’s going to be fascinating to hear about his career since hanging up the whistle; where he is now in his position as Technical Director of IFAB, leading on implementing exciting new technological advancements for referees.”

Please join us for what is an unmissable event and will provide some great insights into the future of tech in sports. Get your tickets at: