George Clarke

TV’s favourite architect-come-social housing campaigner George Clarke hosts Living in a Future City, an event designed to explore the potential of our urban spaces. How will the city of the future look? Following a year of COVID restrictions, the urban population’s wants and needs have evolved. How should we be developing the blueprint for cities of the future in response? For city dwellers of tomorrow to thrive, we need to embrace and overcome interdependent challenges in urban infrastructure, transport, the natural environment and urban systems and services that impact health, wellbeing and the economy.


Leeds Corn Exchange Venue
Tom Martin Photographer
George Clarke with his arms raised enthusiastically on the stage
Wide angle shot of the audience at Corn Exchange, with a lot of the building in the background
George Clarke on stage
A close-up of a few people's faces in the audience
The compere at on stage
George Clarke talking to a camera