LIFI22 – What can we laugh about?

Key takeaways:

  1. Is it funny? That’s often the acid test. Comedians take the piss, that’s one of our jobs. – Geoff Norcott
  2. On satire, if our political landscape wasn’t so laughable, there wouldn’t be so many easy jokes. For many people, comedy is a political awakening. – Ayishat Akanbi
  3. On cancel culture I don’t think people want other’s to be cancelled. But they do want them to be held accountable. – Rosie Jones
  4. Words can hurt, but is language violent. No. Things that offend aren’t violent. There are many people who get offended on behalf of other groups. – Ayishat Akanbi
  5. We need to be careful or we risk that ability to take the piss out of each other in a spirit of kinship. – Jamali Maddix