LIFI23 Could Living The Good Life Help Save Our Planet?

Words by Simon Fogal
From Chapter 81

Event 4 for #LIFI23.

As technological advances create a world of fast-paced lifestyles in which anything is possible with just a few clicks, it seems like a good time to embrace The Good Life – right? COVID-19 isn’t far behind us, and the cost-of-living crisis rages on. Right now, many of us are stopping to question the legitimacy of our current supply chains – not to mention how we live more holistically.

This panel saw guests come together to share their motivations for everything from farm-to-table and upcycling to off-grid living and slow fashion. These are interventions that contribute to a circular economy – but how much can they really curb climate change or bring about the end of a throwaway society?

Panelists: Matt Baker, Doug McMaster, Banjo Beale, Flavia Cacace and Clare Lewis

Top 5 Takeaways

  • Not everything you need, needs to be new. There are countless applications & websites that will be suitable for your needs. 
  • Claire Lewis – “When fashion becomes cheaper, we’re more willing to get rid of older items of clothing”.
  • Doug McMaster does not have a bin in his restaurant, all by-products feedback into a daily/weekly live menu. 
  • Waste is a symptom of a system that is out of balance, bringing that system back into balance creates sustainability. 
  • Doug McMaster – “We’re eating a credit card’s worth of micro-plastics every week”

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Words by Simon Fogal
From Chapter 81