LIFI23 Invisible Rule of Law

Words by Simon Fogal
From Chapter 81

Event 3 was our wonderful (now legendary) Thursday lunchtime event staring Rob Rinder and host Charlotte ‘Lotty’ Leeming. 

Walking down any UK high street, the law may be invisible but underpins everything including what adverts are put in front of us to the growing number of surveillance cameras and who can build what where.

Barrister Rob Rinder gave an insight into how the legal system forms the foundations of a place providing everyday protection for residents, businesses, and consumers.


Top 7 Takeaways

  • From getting up in the morning to going to work, you’re involved with over a thousand laws.
  • The holocaust didn’t start at Auschwitz. It started with a subversion of the rule of law. It’s everyone’s responsibility to preserve democracy, but that only works if we think about it in the context of the rule of law.
  • Our democracy and the freedoms we take for granted can disappear in the blink of an eye. It requires all of us at all times to consider whether laws are fair and just.
  • A coherent society requires us to respect authority but also be sceptical of it.
  • Funding has been withdrawn and nobody stands up for lawyers, not even the lawyers themselves. We need to remind ourselves that those in the legal profession have an incredibly important job in protecting our freedoms.
  • As part of social education – we need to impassion young people. We need to talk to young people about how and where law is made.
  • Most of my family came to be educated in Leeds. I want to thank this city for all it’s given our family and our great nation. It’s a privilege and a delight to be part of this.

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Words by Simon Fogal
From Chapter 81