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2020 FESTIVAL THEME: Generation Future

We live in an era of extraordinary complexity. From politics and economics to the environment, technology, and society itself, the world we live in is more interconnected than ever before. This interconnectivity brings many positives, yet it is only now that the challenges are truly being understood. Actions we take on a daily basis have effects that ripple through the world in ways none of us can predict, and the unintended consequences are mounting up.

L19 Guest Blogs – Meet Wander Bruijel of What the F*ture?!

In this blog Q&A, we catch up with Wander Bruijel of Leeds agency Elmwood, and look back over how Leeds International Festival...


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Annabel Taylor Munt of Tender Balance

This guest blog, it’s time to catch up with Annabel Taylor Munt in a Q&A with her about her L19 event, called...


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Nat Edwards of Facing Brave: Women Take On the Acid Throwers.

In this guest blog Q&A, we catch up with the Thackray Medical Museum’s Nat Edwards, and his pioneering L19 event Facing Brave:...


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Maria Popova of Page 127

In this guest blog Q&A, we catch up with Maria Popova, the creator of Page 127 - one of Festival Executive Gemma...


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Eleanor Snare of Sex Tapes

We caught up with Ellie Snare, the mastermind behind Sex Tapes, to see how the event went for them.


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Hannah Buckley of The Mountain and Other Tales of She Transformed.

We meet Hannah Buckley for her take on L19, and how her event’s pioneering use of dance and movement expressed a feminist...


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Duncan Liddle of Sport 2.0

In this blog, we chat to Duncan Liddle of Banana Kick, the company behind one of our biggest L19 events, Sport 2.0.


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Gill Crawshaw of For Oluwale II

Our next guest blog Q&A focuses on an event which highlighted a massively significant and poignant character in the history of Leeds...


L19 Guest Blogs: Meet Chris Hudson of What Does it Mean to be Human?

For Leeds International Festival 2018, an important theme was who we are, who we were, and who we could become. This was...