Festival 18

Leeds International Festival 18


Leeds International Festival 18 first phase of events announced.

Leeds International Festival launches it's full list of events in anticipation for it's second year of running, from 28th April until the 12th May.

Live At Leeds


Live At Leeds announce new acts

On May 5th, Live At Leeds will be flooding Leeds city centre (and as far as Brudenell Social Club) with music fans from near and far, coming to watch over a hundred live gigs. There's something for everybody - across genres from pop to rock to alt indie through just about everything else your ears could desire en route.

Live at Leeds


Live at Leeds line up announced

On the back of 2017’s hugely successful festival, the premier music event for Leeds International Festival have announced their initial line up for 2018, as the festival moves into it’s 11th year.

Image credit: Live at Leeds / L17

Marching On Together


Marching On Together Leeds United Stories Volume. 1

The media and film company The City Talking, behind 2017’s acclaimed feature-length film Do You Want to Win?, directed by Lee Hicken and Daniel Chapman, is back.

Yo La Tengo


Yo La Tengo show announced

Yo La Tengo are one of the most beloved and respected bands in America.

Image credit: Yo La Tengo

Disconnect — the problem of the future


Disconnect — the problem of the future

The founding editor of WIRED Magazine, Kevin Kelly, once said; ‘The problem of the future will not be that we cannot connect – it will be that we cannot disconnect’.

NGO Thydêwá:


NGO Thydêwá: Indigenous people’s uses of new technologies

This inspiring event will share information about the culture & traditions of different indigenous groups from north-eastern Brazil, and the ways in which these communities have used digital tools to increase their visibility, fight prejudice and lobby the government for their rights.

Dr Kate Devlin


Dr Kate Devlin Sex, Love & AI

Dr Kate Devlin will walk us through the history of sex and tech before explaining where AI, Robotics, and sex and love meet today.

Live at Leeds


Live at Leeds nominated for two awards at the UK Festival Awards 2017

The festival is celebrating the excitement of being nominated for not only one but two awards at the fourteenth edition of the UK Festival Awards 2017.

As Good As It Gets?


As Good As It Gets? Trailer Released

As Good As It Gets? is a feature-length documentary film about Leeds Rhinos, premiering at Leeds International Festival 2018. It is a story of sacrifice, glory and the agonising pursuit of a legacy.