How is TV distorting our reality?

With Pandora Sykes, Dr Charlotte Armitage, Rylan, Prof Tim Wilson

Fri 04 Oct, 7pm

Love it or hate it, reality TV remains one of the most popular genres to grace our screens. But despite the name, these programmes aren’t always known for their objectivity – often leaving us captivated by false narratives and struggling to differentiate fact from fiction.

With more than 40% of 25–34 year olds regularly tuning in to some form of reality show in the UK, this genre is clearly here to stay. From rags to riches stories and tales of romance to talent contests and survival races, how does reality TV influence our lives, shape our expectations and change our perspectives? 

Join our panelists from both sides of the camera to explore the dark and the light of these often controversial shows. Are they ethical, how far is too far, and who are the real heroes and villains among it all?