Could AI be humanity’s saviour?

With Georgie Barrat, Paterson Joseph, Dr Nisha Sharma, Nigel Toon, Adrienne Williams

Thu 03 Oct, 7pm

It’s one of today’s most talked-about topics, but what does an AI-driven future really mean for humans like us? 

All over the world, artificial intelligence is changing the way we live, work, interact and think – accelerating innovation and helping us process information faster and more effectively than ever.

But while AI means new possibilities in sectors from healthcare to retail, this still emergent technology isn’t without its risks. As advancements race ahead, we have yet to fully comprehend the dangers and dilemmas that arise when machines simulate human intelligence with such accuracy.

Sit down with our expert panel to dive into the extremes of AI’s impact – from actor strikes and cancer screening to worker’s rights, safety testing and ethics. Will this technology be our lifeline or our death sentence?