We’re all neurodiverse aren’t we?

With Dr Alice Siberry, Doddz, Christine McGuinness, Ellie Middleton, Tumi Sotire

Sat 05 Oct, 2pm

It might not be all of us, but with around 15–20% of the world’s population estimated to have brains that develop or work differently, the conversation around neurodiversity has never been more important.

From ADHD and autism to dyspraxia and dyslexia, neurodivergence affects a broad swathe of society’s minds – and learning to embrace, celebrate and advocate for inclusion and empowerment is up to all of us.

How do different brain functions and behavioural traits affect us, and why are the profound strengths that come with neurodiversity so often overlooked? How does the conversation around this critical topic need to change to benefit of everyone?

Expect a discussion full of new perspectives, busted myths, practical advice and expert advocacy from our panel of neurodiversity experts.