S3 E4

Has brexit destroyed the live music industry?

Many musicians and crew say it’s now a costly and confusing nightmare to try and tour in Europe. Are the barriers of Brexit stopping the movement of British music? Take a listen to the issues facing one of the UK's biggest export industries 
S3 E3

What is the future of adult entertainment?

We’re looking at the future of adult entertainment. How have technology and subscription services changed the industry? Is it moving from beyond the margins and into the mainstream? Or is there still a stigma and censorship surrounding this sector?
S3 E2

Is our obsession with wellness making us unwell?

With the rise in fad diets and celebrity fitness regimes, what next for the wellness industry? Joining Lotty on the sofa is Lindsay McGlone, an activist and influencer alongside Adam Smith, an NLP Coach.
S3 E1

Where next for the Royal Family?

This fascinating discussion asks, “Where next for the Royal Family?” in light of recent events in the Royal Family.